My wife, Sarah, and I have been blessed beyond belief as we raise our wonderful family. Even before we got married, we knew we wanted to foster and adopt children as part of the plan for growing our family. As an Arizona native, Sarah grew up around tons of families who were active in fostering children and went on to get a degree in Psychology and then a career as a Social Worker further solidifying her heart towards vulnerable kids. Meanwhile, back in St. Louis where I grew up, adoption was the water I swam in, with both my Dad having been adopted as well as my sister. I just assumed that’s what families do…needless to say, it was an easy decision for us to pursue both fostering and adoption. Annabelle, our first biological daughter, was born and knowing we wanted to also grow our family through foster care/adoption we began the process of getting James and low and behold a few weeks after getting him found out we were pregnant with Lily and then our 4th and final child arrived a few years later!

We have learned a ton along the way and love chatting with couples interested in growing their families through foster care and adoption. It is a beautiful journey, and we believe deeply that children, however they land in your family, are a great blessing. If you would like more info on our story or would like to be connected to some great and helpful resources shoot me an email.


After graduating from University of Missouri-Columbia with a BS in Business Management and BA in Communication, Ben joined the E.&J. Gallo Winery for 6 years as a top producer in both sales and sales management. Ben, then discovered the amazing potential of real estate both as an agent and as an investor. He brings a fresh, determined and highly motivated work ethic to every transaction. With a reputation for hard work, honesty, aggressive marketing, and unrivaled motivation, Ben makes a perfect fit for people looking to buy, sell, or invest. He makes selling/buying your home easier by helping you understand the entire process, minimize the stress factors, and look at every advantage & disadvantage to the multitude of variables to come. Ben and his wife have two daughters, two sons, a Golden Retriever, and enjoy: traveling & swimming.